Gov. Rick Scott opens new studio at Full Sail

Local 6 asks governor where tax incentives for TV, film companies stand


ORLANDO, Fla. – Gov. Rick Scott was in Orlando on Friday for the official opening of the new digital entertainment studio-- Rebl HQ at Full Sail University.

"They are so focused on how students are getting opportunities around the world, but I want them in Florida and the mayor only wants them in Orange County. But it's exciting to see people get jobs across the world," Scott said.

In the last five years the $269 million in tax credits scheduled to be available to television and film companies ran out much faster than anyone had anticipated, sending crews to tax-friendly Georgia and Louisiana.

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The governor would not answer Local 6's question on where tax incentives stand.

His press spokesperson tried to get Scott back out of his car to answer the question, but he refused, with his security shutting his car door in front of Mayor Teresa Jacobs.

Local 6 was left waiting -- and so is the tax incentive bill sitting in the legislative session.