NRA accuses campus police chiefs of misusing tax dollars

Police chiefs against bill allowing guns on campuses


TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida NRA leader Marion Hammer is accusing campus police chiefs from Florida's public universities of using tax dollars to lobby because they spoke in Tallahassee against a bill allowing guns on campuses.

Police chiefs from several Florida campuses appeared in legislative committee meetings in Tallahassee in uniform this week and opposed the bill during public comment periods. In a memo, Hammer asked NRA members to send emails to state officials objecting to what she called tax-funded lobbying.

Spokesmen for Florida Gov. Rick Scott and House Speaker Steve Crisafulli said their offices each got 800 or more emails.

But Senate higher education committee member Arthenia Joyner said she invited the chiefs to come and speak. She denied they were lobbying and said the NRA actions could be perceived as intimidation.