Family of man run over by DeLand officer asks for new investigation

DeLAND, Fla. – The family of a man a DeLand police officer ran over has now hand-delivered new information to the state attorney's office.

It is part of an effort to change Marlon Brown's original cause of death.

Brown died in 2013 while running from police.  At the time, the medical examiner ruled that Brown was not killed because the patrol car hit him, but instead had died from suffocation while pinned underneath the car.

The family says dash-cam video proves that's not what happened and that the officer is to blame.

"We see the front of the car.  The front of the car has damage.  A lot of the documentation in reference to Marlon's injuries support that he has blunt-force trauma," said family member Krystal Brown.

Last week, the family and their attorney also presented their case to the DeLand City Council demanding a new grand jury review the case.

Council members say that decision would have to come from the state attorney's office.