Burglar caught hiding in attic, Winter Park police say

Man broke into business through ceiling

Mosies Marrero.
Mosies Marrero.

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Winter Park police arrested a man who they say was hiding in an attic of a local business.

23-year-old Mosies Marrero is being held in the Orange County jail
on no bond for armed burglary. Police say he was wearing a fake beard, black
gloves, and had three throwing knives on him when he was arrested.

Police say they were alerted Monday by a woman sleeping inside Non-Oriental Massage Sky Inc. She told police she started hearing noises above her. She first stepped out of the room to see if someone had come in through the front door and when she went back to the room, she saw a small light on and two black gloves coming from the ceiling.

"It's not just something you think of your own, maybe he saw it in a movie," says
property manager Mario Valdes.

Valdes told Local 6 that his tenant told him a bizarre story of why Marrero
was hiding there.

"He was using the story of being an activist for sex trades and thought something was going on," says Valdes.

The woman called police and when officers arrived they searched the building the roof and saw an opening. Valdes showed Local 6 the small hole where he got in.

"I could get my head through and part of my arm so he must be a contortionist to squeeze through there."

Marrero then locked himself in a massage room to try and evade police, but after
using a crowbar and verbal commands, he finally gave up.

According to the arrest affidavit, it's not clear what Marrero's intent was or how long
he had been hiding.