Lake County student arrested for making bomb threat, deputies say

Cops: Note left in classroom threatening to blow up Leesburg High School


LEESBURG, Fla. – A 17-year-old Lake County student has been arrested on Thursday after deputies said he left a note in a classroom threatening to bring bombs to blow the school up.

Jared Jones, 17, has been charged with threatening to place a destructive device, a second-degree felony.

Deputies said the note was found on Thursday on a projector in a classroom at Leesburg High School by the teacher, who reported it to the school resource deputy.

According to deputies, the note said that a student, "would be bringing bombs to school to blow the school up."

Jones was identified as the student who left the note and deputies found Jones, searched him and found no evidence he had any bomb or bomb-making material, according to the report.

Jones told deputies that he was upset when he wrote the note and didn't intend for it to be found. 

According to the LCSO release, "Deputies handled the situation quickly and effectively; therefore, no lockdowns or evacuations were necessary."