SUV struck by SunRail train in Maitland

No one injured in crash


MAITLAND, Fla – An SUV was struck by a SunRail train in Maitland, stranding 160 passengers for two hours, according to officials.

The crash occurred Wednesday afternoon near Horatio Avenue.

Maitland police said the driver may have tried to beat the train. Police believe she was turning left and, according to the train's engineer, went around the crossing arms.

"The sense of urgency to get home is great, but you want to get there in one piece without any damage to your vehicle or injury to you or the passengers in your car," Maitland police Lt. Louis Grindle said.  "Just wait for the signal to cycle through and you'll get past it the next time. Its a very short time to wait."

Local 6 tried speaking to the driver, but she did not want to comment. No one was hurt in the crash.

Maitland Police now say the driver will likely be cited for causing the accident.

Local 6 watched Thursday as car after car turned on Horatio Avenue, stopping on the train tracks.

People who work in the area say they see those dangerous driving habits all the time.

"You could see it almost daily depending on the time of day," said Rose Panico.

FDOT reminds drivers it is never safe to stop on tracks or go around the gates at crossings when they are down.

Wednesday's crash marks the second SunRail crash in 2015. A minivan was struck by the train in January on Virginia Drive, just north of the downtown Orlando stop.