Video shows car burglary in act at Daytona Beach apartment complex

Car break-ins on the rise in Volusia

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Surveillance video captured a car break at the Island Crowne Condos earlier this week, and it's only one of several that's been happening all over Daytona Beach.

"They're in and out of the car within seconds," said Capt. Jakari Young, with Daytona Beach Police Department.

Young said it's because car doors are left unlocked.

"Sometimes there are crews of three. You'll see them. They'll go in the car, they'll use a flashlight. One person may target the glove box, while another person may target the center console," he said.

In just three minutes, police said they got away with an Apple iPad Air and a computer case filled with bills, passwords, checkbooks and prescription pills. Sometimes, the crooks even find guns.

"They're used in other crimes, they're used in robberies and it just goes bad from there," said Young.

If you think it wouldn't happen in your neighborhood, think again.

"We have guys that are targeting specific areas because they know that's where they're hitting paid dirt," said Young.

Police said car breaks have gone up at least 25 percent compared to this time last year. Ninety-nine percent of the time, residents aren't locking up and police said they're hitting the following areas the hardest:

Tuscany Woods Community
Island Crowne Condos
Bayberry Lakes
Indigo Lakes
LPGA International

"They're not making any noise by just easily opening the door and taking whatever they can grab," said Young.

Police are now urging residents to lock car doors and take in any valuables.

"Don't leave anything of value inside, even if it's locked. If it's of value, don't leave it inside," said Capt. Young

Police believe some of the crooks are teens but hope the surveillance video will help track down the thieves. If you recognize them, please call police.

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