Ex-commissioner found not guilty in strip club battery

Former Daytona Beach commissioner charged with battery in March 2014 incident


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – The former Daytona Beach Commissioner Carl Lentz, who is accused of throwing a drink at a bartender inside of a strip club, was found not guilty of battery on Friday.

Lentz was charged with misdemeanor battery in the March 2014 incident at Club Topic.

The jury deliberated Friday afternoon and reached a verdict after watching the video of the incident on a laptop.

Local 6 was in the courtroom as bartender Mandy Frymyer took the stand.

She told jurors that she made several drinks for Lentz that night, but after pouring a shot of Grey Goose, Lentz only gave her $4 for an $8 drink.

"He slid it back and said, 'You'll (expletive) take what I give you," says Frymyer.

She said they started arguing and that's when he brought up his job as commissioner.

"Do you know who I am," she told the jury Lentz said. "I run this (expletive) city. 'And I said, that's nice because I run this (expletive) bar.'"

But prosecutors worked to discredit Frymyer by bringing up a past felony conviction.

A former bouncer also testified saying he never saw Lentz throw the drink, but escorted him out after the incident.