Windermere police search for 2 women

Cops say they want to check on duo's safety

WINDERMERE, Fla. – The Windermere Police Department is searching for two women to check on their safety.

Police released a composite sketches of the women, showing what they would have looked like before 2011.

Officers haven't released details as to why they are looking for the women, only that they are investigating incidents that may have happened before 2011.

"We're simply trying to identify them and determine that they're OK," said Windermere Police Detective John Allen. "They are pertinent to a case that we are working, but I can't say how at this point."

Police said the women are not considered suspects or are in trouble, only that they are worried for the two women. Investigators said they want to speak to the women and make sure they are safe.

Contact Windermere police if you have any information on the women.