RadioShack gift cards expiring

Hit those drawers and forgotten shelves, because your RadioShack gift cards are no longer valid after today -- Tuesday, March 31.

Shelley Hunter, of GiftCard.com, says the RadioShack card is the first of dozens she has placed on what she calls the "Gift Card Graveyard."

The cards were originally deemed worthless earlier this month, but, according to Hunter, consumers got an eleventh-hour reprieve that expires by store closing Tuesday.

"It's very frustrating because the RadioShack stores are still open, and there's merchandise on the shelves," Hunter says. "When a liquidator takes it over, they essentially take over the merchandise ."

In this case, the new owners of the RadioShack stores could be Standard General or a "team of Liquidators," according to Consumerist.com.  Neither is willing to accept the gift cards at this point, since they never benefited from the original cash purchase.

The Wall Street Journal estimates more than $40 million in gift cards are impacted by the bankruptcy.

An estimated 75 RadioShack stores in Florida are slated to shut down for good this year, including locations in Altamonte Springs and Lake Mary.

New owners are expected to be designated on Wednesday.