Trial for man accused of killing roommate delayed

Bryan Santana charged with 1st-degree murder in death of Shelby Fazio

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Local 6: Morning News at 6a

ORLANDO, Fla. – The murder trial for a man accused of killing his roommate, who worked at Disney World, and sexually assaulting her corpse was placed in recess after a judge ordered a mental evaluation.

Bryan Santana, 21, is accused of killing Shelby Fazio, 23, and her dog in October at their home in the 400 block of North John Street.

Court will be in recess until 9 a.m. Wednesday after the judge ordered that two doctors meet with Santana, whose attorney requested a motion, saying her client is not competent to stand trial.  Prosecutors requested that a competency evaluation be held on Tuesday, a move approved by the judge.

Earlier in the day, Santana smeared feces on himself and a wall and tried to strike a corrections officer, officials said. 

"He has now soiled himself and smeared himself in feces and smeared the wall," Judge Renee Roache said.  "I've ordered security to clean him up and bring him up here in full restraints."

Roache said that in future court appearances Santana would be placed in full restraints and equipped with a shocking device controlled by the judge.

"He certainly knows how to behave himself in the courtroom. He behaved himself very well yesterday. Now that the train is coming down the tracks at full speed, we are seeing some other behavior," Roache said.  "I will not tolerate disruption in this courtroom. If I have to gag him, I will. If I have to remove him I will."

Testimony had been scheduled to begin Tuesday morning after opening statements.

Investigators said Fazio's death was premeditated and Santana was charged with first-degree murder, along with attempted murder of his other roommate.

According to court records, Santana confessed to killing Fazio by strangling her and stabbing her in the neck. He also said he had sex with her after she was dead, according to officials.

Evidence in the case was released in December, including pictures of a message, stating, "I'm sorry I did this," written with animal blood on a wall, officials said.

Fazio, who had just moved from Michigan to work at Disney, was found with a belt around her neck and what appeared to be a pen protruding from her neck, according to the evidence.

Santana said he then grabbed his wallet, keys to Fazio's car and drove away, according to officials.   According to the report, Santana was looking for a Walmart to buy a fake gun so he could point it at a police officer, causing them to shoot him.

Also released in the evidence was interviews with Santana's third roommate, who he allegedly pepper-sprayed and came at with a knife.

Friends of Santana told police he called them to say he killed his roommate and dog and was going to commit suicide. One friend stated that Santana did the killing because he no longer wanted to live and was upset about losing jobs.

On Monday, a 12-person jury was chosen out of a pool that included several dozen people. 

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