Viral video shows pro wrestler pulling son's tooth out -- with Camaro

Rob Venomous posts video on YouTube

A boy's tooth is pulled out by a Camaro.
A boy's tooth is pulled out by a Camaro.

BRANDON, Fla. – The Rock was the star of the movie "Tooth Fairy," but another professional wrestler may be more deserving of the title.

Robert Abercrombie, who lives in Brandon, Florida, and is known as Rob Venomous in the ring, is making headlines around the world after he posted a video on YouTube showing him pulling his son's front tooth out -- with a Camaro.

In the video, dubbed "Tooth pulling via #camaro" on Abercrombie's YouTube page, his 8-year-old son is seen with a string tied around his front tooth.  The string is attached to the Chevrolet Camaro, which Abercrombie revs up before driving off.

The tooth is yanked out by the muscle car, prompting the incredulous boy to say, "It came out!"

There's no word how much money the Tooth Fairy left the boy.

Tooth pulled by car