4 rules of stranger danger

Tips parents, kids should know to stay safe

ORLANDO, Fla. – Crime analyst Ken Jefferson says there are four things parents and kids should learn so children don't become targets or victims of an abduction.

1.     Safety in numbers

Find someone, even if it's other children to walk with your child.

2.     Teach your children it's OK to be rude to strangers

"They should draw the line. Don't talk to them, don't make eye contact with them if possible, go the opposite direction of them," Jefferson said.

3.     If someone's trying to grab your child, teach them the one word people do not ignore—Fire.

"If you say the word fire while you're running, in general people will look in your direction whether there's a fire or not. They will look in your direction."

4.     Teach your child when in trouble, find an adult

"Don't try to hide behind a building because they will find you. Find an adult."

Jefferson also says parents need to tell their children never to get into a person's car that they don't know—even if they have a gun, even if they're threatening to hurt them. The safest thing for a child to do in that situation is run.