Florida man used shotgun to kill neighbor's puppy, deputies say

Kevin McClenithan arrested on charges of animal cruelty


BUNNELL, Fla. – A family is devastated after finding their puppy shot dead, and deputies say the man next door pulled the trigger.

Bullet was a 10-month-old purebred Labrador retriever and was the newest addition to the Durrance family. They are a family of dog-lovers. There are three kids who had three friendly and playful dogs.

"He was a puppy. You could tell he was a puppy," said Jeanne Durrance, whose two oldest children found the dog dead at the neighbor's home on Friday.

She said Bullet got loose early that morning and the dogs normally run to neighbor's homes because the few families close by feed the dogs treats. But Bullet never came home. Her children found the puppy shot by a shotgun outside a home on West Highway 100 in Bunnell.

"The dog, just bleeding out with a hole in him," said Kiyan Lappke, Durrance's son. "It was the worst thing I've ever seen."

Deputies arrested Kevin McClenithan, who told them the dog was aggressive and tried to bite him. But deputies said the dog never bit McClenithan. In fact, the homeowner had locked the dog in a pen until the owner could be found.

"He was locked in a chain link pen," Durrance said. "He had no way to attack them at all. They could have called Animal Services, they could have called the sheriff's department."

"He had no chance of getting away from such a terrible, evil thing," said Emily Durrance. "The man walked out and we didn't even get to say a word and he said, 'Yeah, I shot your dog.' He didn't say I'm sorry. He didn't apologize."

Local 6 went by the home where the dog was found, but nobody was home. We also called the homeowner to ask her about what happened, but she has not called back.