Board revokes massage parlor's license, citing unlicensed therapists

Woman said masseur at mall location touched her inappropriately last May


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A massage parlor where police said a therapist inappropriately touched a woman last year has had its license revoked by the Board of Massage Therapy, which discovered that there were unlicensed therapists giving massages at the location in the Volusia Mall.

Liang Liu, who police say touched a woman inappropriately during a massage last May, is among the unlicensed masseurs included in the discovery.

Liu was charged with sexual battery following the incident, which prompted an investigation by the Department of Health.

Though at the time it was ruled that the charge didn't meet criteria necessary for Liu to be charged with a sex crime, he was sentenced to serve 30 days in jail this March.

This week, the department asked for the maximum penalty against the establishment. It asked for the parlor's license to be revoked citing "a danger to the public" and voted to impose a $10 thousand fine that has to be paid in 90 days.

According to the mall directory, the parlor no longer has a location in the Volusia Mall.

The company does have the right to appeal the board's decision.