Florida woman accused of leaving newborn on doorstep

1-month old found outside in rain, Sanford police say

Shantora Janay Wright
Shantora Janay Wright

SANFORD, Fla. – A mother left her 1-month-old son at her sister's doorstep, only sending a text message to let her know that the child was outside, according to Sanford police.

Sanford police say Shantora Wright took the child to her sister's home so her sister could watch the child. Wright knocked on the door, but her sister was in the shower at the time and did not hear her sister, police said. Wright then left the child in his child seat on the doorstep, police said.

As it began to rain, Wright sent her sister a text, telling her the child was outside, police said.

Once Wright's sister saw the text, she got the child off the doorstep, Sanford police said. The sister also noted that the child was in a child carrier car seat with a blanket, police said.

Sanford police contacted Seminole County Sheriff's Office child protective services and asked them to check on the well-being of Wright's remaining children. The agency removed the children and placed them into temporary custody on her sister.

Wright was arrested without incident.