Local father scares off burglars with machete

11pm Dad Scares Burglars with Machete
11pm Dad Scares Burglars with Machete

PIERSON, Fla. – The local father took matters into his own hands Monday, chasing after two burglars who broke into his home in Pierson. It happened in the morning at a home on Christmas Road, just west of Highway 17.

Volusia County sheriff's deputies are still looking for the two burglars.

The family feels as if they were being watched. The mother had just left for work with her two children.

"I guess they were probably watching me when I stepped out the door," said the mother, who didn't want to be identified.

The two burglars used the 2-year-old son's window to try to get into the home. Raul Gonzalez said he was watching TV when he heard suspicious sounds in the back patio.

As he went to grab his machete, he said he saw one of the burglars' legs through the broken window he had just kicked in.

"When they broke in the window, I come in this room and I screamed 'hey,' bad words," Gonzalez said.

Neighbors on Christmas Road know each other, and some of them have been hit by break-ins recently, just not the Gonzalez family.

"He told me that he was going to try to chase them to see if he was able to help," Gonzalez's wife said.

The family has since repaired the window. They hope to get surveillance cameras and a gun.

Gonzalez said they had masks on, so he was not able to get a good look at the suspects. However, in the Volusia County sheriff's report, deputies noted finding a mask, gloves and a sweater.