Mother of victim of Lake Nona HS nude picture scandal speaks

OCPS spokesperson says school has nothing to do with picture sharing

ORLANDO, Fla. – A mother is upset after she says her daughter was misidentified in a nude photo scandal at Lake Nona High School.

It's a story Local 6 broke on Monday after learning someone created a Twitter account to share nude pictures of students. Students said some of the pictures are real and others are fake. The page has since been taken down.

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"My daughter's name is attached to that, and people that I would never allow into my home are now in my child's life and that's scary to me," said a woman identified as Deb, the mother of a high school student who said her daughter was misidentified. "I kept telling her, 'Well, people will know that this isn't you. It's very obvious it's not you.' But in her mind it was like, what about the people who are still going to question it?"

Deb said her daughter was hysterical when she saw her name attached to the fake photo, and as a parent who just wants to make things right, she felt helpless.

"When she's looking at me in the eyes saying, 'How are you going to make sure I can still go to the college I want, and the jobs I want and it's not going to come up?' And you don't know the answer to that. I'd like those people to think about how that feels," Deb said.

She said she doesn't know who those people are. Neither do police or the school, but she wants them to know this is beyond just a cruel joke.

"Look at the harm that it can do when I'm crying tears and my daughter is wondering if her life is ruined," Deb said.


On Monday, Orange County Public Schools spokesperson Shari Bobinski said the school has nothing to do with the picture sharing, and that there isn't much the school can do to prevent students from taking pictures and posting them.

"Parents have been sharing with the school their contact with law enforcement, and if needed, the school resource officer is ready to assist law enforcement," Bobinski said.

On Wednesday, students told Local 6 some of their classmates are being interviewed by administrators.