Osceola County hit-and-run victim's wife pleads for help

FHP: Man changing tire hit, killed by vehicle that took off


PALM BAY, Fla. – A wife in grief over the death of her husband in a hit-and-run is pleading for help from other drivers who might have witnessed the crash.

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Lynne Watson told Local 6 she was in the car Thursday evening when her husband was killed, but did not see the vehicle responsible.

"I'm hurting. He's never coming back," she said as she clutched a picture of her husband in her hand while sitting outside her Palm Bay home. "He's a good husband, a great father and an awesome papa, and they're all going to miss him."

She has not slept. Not since she last saw her husband, Gerald.

The two were headed west on U.S. 192 in Osceola County before 7:30 p.m. Thursday. As the sun set, a tire blew. They pulled over and Gerald got out.

Time passed. She called his name, but he didn't answer.

"'Gerald, where are you?' No answer. I get out, go around. I see the shoe," said Watson. "I saw him way up over there and he's not moving."

Someone has slammed into him and knocked his body 50 feet into the grass.

The driver never stopped.

"I'm not going to hate them. I know that things happen, but shame on them," she said.

The longer the hit-and-run driver remains on the run, the longer she lives without closure.

And so to that driver she said, "Come forward. Speak your heart. Set yourself free. Let me be at rest. Let me understand why."

She thinks it had to be a big vehicle that hit him, but troopers still don't know what type of vehicle to search for.

Investigators said Friday they found no clues at the scene.

Anyone who knows anything about the crash or who might be responsible is asked to call the Florida Highway Patrol at 407-737-2213.