Former Lake County deputy receives guilty verdict

Matthew Donnelly charged in 2014 with sexual battery by law enforcement officer


LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A guilty verdict was handed down Wednesday for former Lake County deputy Matthew Donnelly.

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Donnelly was charged with sexual battery by a law enforcement officer after he was arrested in June 2014 on accusations of raping a woman during a traffic stop.

The woman claimed Donnelly found her passed out in a car parked on Highway 27 after a night of drinking in Orlando on New Year's Eve.

Investigators found that Donnelly had his dash camera turned off for more than 20 minutes during the encounter. Donnelly was arrested after swabs sent to the state lab showed that the victim's DNA was on the steering wheel, the gear-shift knob and the flashlight in his patrol car.

Jeff Fuller, with the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court, said Donnelly's sentencing will be determined at a future date.