Man admits to cyberstalking for revenge, police say

Christopher Daguannno, 45, used rental website to stalk woman


DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – It's the first cyberstalking case the Daytona Beach Police Department has ever worked on, and investigators said the case has been going on for years. Christopher Daguanno, 45, is accused of using a man's identity to cyberstalk a woman for revenge.

"Apparently, he asked her for a date some point in time, and she turned him down, and he said that she and the other gentleman, they were calling him fat," said Jimmie Flynt, with Daytona Beach Police Department.

Investigators said Daguanno met the people at two different gyms, Powerhouse Fitness and LA Fitness, and that's when the cyberstalking began.

Reports show Daguanno knew the woman owned a company that rents condominiums through a website called Homeaway. He would use the man's name to book rooms weeks at a time.

"He said he wanted to book it for such and such and then at the last minute, he would cancel," Flynt said. "It was costing them money, because she couldn't fill the rooms."

Police said Daguanno then used the Homeaway site to stalk the woman.

"He was sending instant messages, like he was actually stalking her, saying," The look on your face," and all that type of stuff," Flynt said.

Officers arrested Daguanno at his home on Wednesday and seized his computer. They said Daguanno admitted to everything and claimed they deserved it.

Daguanno is charged with stalking/cyberstalking and using an ID without consent. The judge also ordered Daguanno to stay away from his victims and to not use any computers.

Investigators said once they take a look at Daguanno's computer, they believe he could be facing more charges.

Police said since Daguanno's arrest, six more victims have come forward.

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