Hot, dry day on tap in Central Florida

Orlando to see high near 90 degrees


ORLANDO, Fla. – How's this for a twist? There's not much of a chance of rain in Central Florida.

"Monday's weather will be different as we head into the afternoon, with much drier air building in," Local 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. 

Rain chances will be as low as 10 percent for coastal and inland areas.

"Expect lots of sunshine and temperatures quickly warming into the mid-80s at noon, and all the way up to 90 degrees by 4 o'clock," Bridges said.

The average high temperature in Orlando is 89.

Rain chances increase Tuesday to 40 percent before jumping to 50 percent on Wednesday.

Afternoon high temperatures will be in the low 90s for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rain chances drop to 30 percent on Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures will stay above the average for most of the week.

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