Dash-camera video shows hit-and-run crash in Orlando

FHP searching for driver in crash involving bicyclist

ORLANDO, Fla. – A driver's dash camera captured the moment another car hit a bicyclist on Wednesday and didn't stop afterward.

[VIDEO: Click here to watch full dash camera video ]

The crash happened as a blue Buick turned into the BJ's Wholesale parking lot on Lake Underhill Road near North Alafaya Trail in Orlando around 6 p.m., according to Florida Highway Patrol investigators.

The video shows the driver turning right into the parking lot, crashing into the bicyclist and driving away afterward.

The driver who had the dash camera pulled over to help the bicyclist, who said he was OK.

FHP investigators say he refused medical treatment.

A witness told Local 6 he watched the Buick continue driving after the crash.

"The dude was OK, but whoever hit him just left the scene (and) didn't stop," Ryan Jablonowski said.

When asked if he thought the driver was aware of the accident, Jablonowski said the person must have known the bicyclist hit the car.

"They for sure knew.  They hit the guy and the bike fell down and the guy fell off the bike," Jablonowski said.  "They would have known.  It's sad that they didn't stop."

While troopers continue their search for the driver, Jablonowski said he hopes the person is caught soon.

"It's just scary to see that somebody would leave somebody hurt, possibly injured or dead and not care at all about it," Jablonowski said.

Trooper Kim Montes told Local 6 the video exposes a much larger problem.

"Unfortunately, this is what we're seeing in Central Florida, where people disregard others' lives and even after they hit them, they're not stopping to render help," Montes said.

She said her office sees 25 to 30 hit-and-run crashes each day.

That's why one of her fellow troopers has been specially assigned to look into hit-and-runs.

"He's made like four arrests in the last two weeks on cases that really didn't have a lot of information," she said. "Just going out there looking for surveillance video or other things, we've been able to arrest some people."

Montes said mandatory sentences for violators have become more severe.

"If you are involved in a crash, you are required to stop immediately and render care. Not call your lawyer, not call your mother, not call your father, you check on that person that's been involved in that crash," she said.

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