Longwood business offers reward for car burglar

Wekiva Island owners publicly call out burglar online, offer $500 reward


LONGWOOD, Fla. – A local business is asking for help catching a thief. The crook is seen on surveillance video throwing a chunk of concrete into a woman's SUV.

The thief broke into the car and took her belongings as she hung out at Wekiva Island in Longwood.

The video showed the guy asking for a cigarette at Wekiva Island's bar. Minutes later, he sat at a picnic table.

However, he was seen holding a rock and covering his face as he headed for the parking lot.

"He violated somebody and he violated us as far as I'm concerned," said co-owner Mary Sue Weinaug.

Weinaug said she walked the parking lot and found a shattered window on the ground and a chunk of concrete in the car's seat.

"I think she was more mad than anything because somebody stole her property and destructed her car," Weinaug said.

The woman was a single mother relaxing Wednesday morning, said Weinaug. It's a popular spot where people come to relax, rent cabanas and go out on the water. The owners of Wekiva Island want to keep it that way, so they have gone to social media to publicly call him out and offer a $500 reward.

"He's a dirtbag and he's a scumbag, and he needs to be in jail for what he did," said Weinaug.

Investigators said they have received a number of tips. Investigators said the victim reported losing two Coach purses and a wallet. The victim collected $2 bills and had 15 of them inside of the stolen wallet, according to Seminole County deputies.

Anyone with information is asked to call investigator Wilkerson of the Seminole County Sheriff's Office at 407-665-1715.