Tree falls into Altamonte Springs home, crashes through kitchen

Woman standing at stove when giant tree fell, created hole in ceiling


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – A couple was inside their Altamonte Springs home when Friday evening's storm knocked a tree into their kitchen and almost hit a woman making dinner.

Phillys Mann was standing at her stove when the giant tree fell and knocked a 10-foot wide hole in her ceiling on Spring Valley Drive.

"I heard when she yelled," said Larry Mann, who said his wife was cut on her leg by falling debris, but said she escaped serious injury.

"Everybody's shaken up, but everyone's OK, thank God," said Carmelo Belardo, who lives next door.

Belardo also dodged disaster. He was in his driveway when a huge limb broke from another tree and fell just feet away.

"Everything turned white. It got really windy. Trees started flying like crazy. It was just insane. I didn't know what was going to happen next," said Belardo. "I just braced myself, expecting something to fall on the car or even the car to maybe blow away."

The Manns spent the night at a neighbor's house.

Seminole County fire officials said there were no major injuries associated with the storm.