3 men arrested in car break-ins at Daytona Beach apartment complex

Police: 7 vehicles were burglarized at Sun Pointe Apartments

Ray Norris, Brandon Denhart-Cintron, Walter Hoffman.
Ray Norris, Brandon Denhart-Cintron, Walter Hoffman.

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Three men have been arrested after they broke into multiple cars at an apartment complex in Daytona Beach, police said.

Police arrived at 5:12 a.m. Saturday at the Sun Pointe Apartments on Woodcrest Drive about a car break-in that was in progress.

A witness told police that at 5 a.m. he saw three men walking in the parking lot of the apartment complex pulling on vehicle door handles. The witness said he saw Ray Norris open the driver's door and attempt to start a Ford Escort.

Officers said that when they arrived they saw Brandon Denhart-Cintron's feet dangling out of a Chevrolet Blazer.

Daytona Beach police said officers found and arrested Norris, Denhart-Cintron and Walter Hoffman.

Seven vehicles were burglarized at the apartment complex. Police said three of the vehicles were confirmed by the owners to have been entered and rummaged through.

One vehicle owner said a Dewalt impact driver, torque wrench, cellphone charger and a rag were taken from his vehicle, according to police.

Another witness told police that he saw Norris leaning on a car as the other two men were standing behind the car. The witness said Norris was shinning a flashlight into the car. When the witness asked the men what they were doing, they replied that they were told to stand there, the police report said.

Norris, Denhart-Cintron and Hoffman were charged with burglary of a conveyance. Police said Denhart-Cintron violated his probation by virtue of committing a burglary of a conveyance. He is currently on felony probation for burglary to a structure or conveyance, the report said.