Dog stolen from PetSmart recovered, suspect arrested


OCALA, Fla. – A stolen dog was recovered and a suspect was arrested in Ocala Monday night.

A police officer was checking in on three dogs she helped rescue on Saturday at the Marion County Humane Society when she was given an anonymous tip about a stolen dog.

The dog's name is Gabe. The 3-year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix was taken from PetSmart on Saturday, May 30 during an adoption event.

"We got a lot of tips starting on Monday. The truck that the man owns had been seen several times with Gabe tied to it so I had a little more hope than I did on Saturday," said Lyn Beurrier, a vet tech at the Marion County Humane Society.

Following up on one of those tips, officers went to a house in Marion County and discovered a dog that looked just like Gabe tied up in the front yard. Animal Control Officers responded and scanned the dog's microchip. The information came back matching Gabe's.

"It took a community to bring this dog home and we love him. We're happy he's here," said Beurrier as she fought back tears.

At the same home Gabe was found, officers located Sean Daniel Murry, 37, of Germantown, New York. Murry said he was temporarily in the area working on homes. Police identified him as the person who allegedly stole Gabe from the Humane Society's adoption event at PetSmart. Murry was arrested on one count of petit retail theft.

Beurrier says the no-kill organization rescued Gabe from the Levy County Animal Control shelter where he, a female and several puppies had been turned in by their owner. They were all scheduled to be euthanized but were instead taken to the Humane Society of Marion County about two weeks ago.

"When you work here, they become a part of your soul and so if something happens to them you feel it. You can't help or you can't do this work," said Beurrier

Gabe is back at the Humane Society safe and happy. Beurrier says she anticipates several adoption requests for him but wants to make sure he is placed in the right home following this ordeal. She predicts it will be about a week or two before he's put back up for adoption.