Volusia County deputies investigate after goat stolen from home

Owners search for Sweetheart, Nigerian dwarf goat

DeLAND, Fla. – Volusia County deputies are investigating a grand theft case after a goat was stolen from a DeLand home Saturday evening.

The owners said they returned home from work to find Sweetheart, a female Nigerian dwarf goat, missing from her pen and the two other goats they own still there.

Family members said it happened in daylight while no one was home. The crook unlocked their front gate and their secondary gate where the goat pen is located.

Deputies said there were no holes or breaks in the fence where the goats are contained and that they usually stay together as a pack, according to the owners, leading the owners to believe Sweetheart was stolen.


The owners said they believe Sweetheart, pictured on the far left, was taken out of the three goats on the property, because female goats are harder to find and she was the friendliest.

"I searched the neighborhood, I talked to neighbors, we walked the fence line. There's no breaks in the fence, everything is intact," said Jeri Cole.

Cole said she bought the goat months ago for their children, who participate in 4H.

"They're the ones who take care of them. They're the ones who water them, feed them, brush them and maintain them," she said.

Cole searched their entire property and then called the Volusia County Sheriff's Office to file a report. She then broke the news to her children.

"They were crying. There were lots of tears. What they've done was they've taken something from children," said Cole.

Cole said she just wants her goat, Sweetheart, back, no questions asked.

"That is the only thing that we want. I want her back for my daughters. Please. I realize a lot of people, think oh it's a farm animal, it's a goat. To you it may be, to me and my children, that is a pet," she said.

Sweetheart was described as a short brown goat with a black stripe down her back.

Contact Volusia County deputies if you have any information on the goat's whereabouts.

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