3 men, teen steal from house, pawn items for cash, Marion deputies say

Cops: Group camping in woods came across house

Michael Daniel, Matthew Cook, Stephen Spitzer.
Michael Daniel, Matthew Cook, Stephen Spitzer.

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – Three men and a teen were arrested after they entered a house to steal items and pawned them for cash, according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

Chase Kaylor, 15; Michael Daniel, 18; Matthew Cook, 18; and Stephen Spitzer, 19, were arrested by deputies after they forcibly entered the house by kicking open the front door.

Deputies said the four stole a 55-inch television, a PlayStation 3 game console and three video games that were worth an estimated $1,200.

A records check revealed that the victim's items had been sold to the Shores Pawn Shop by Daniel.

Daniel told deputies that he and a group of people were camping in the woods and came across an "abandoned" house, where the front door was kicked in and they all went inside.

Eventually, the group went back to the camp site. Deputies said they returned to the home later to use the bathroom. That's when the items were stolen and eventually pawned for cash.

Most of the items stolen were recovered and returned to the victim by detectives, deputies said.

Kaylor, Daniel, Cook and Spitzer face charges of burglary, grand theft, petit theft and dealing in stolen property.