Longwood U-Haul hit again by thieves

Locks cut off units

A U-Haul storage location in Longwood was hit for the second time in as many months Wednesday night when thieves broke in through a side fence, and made entry into a number of units.

"Eleven lockers were broken into," said officer Kevin Tuck, with the Longwood Police Department.  "The locks were cut off. The units appear to have been chosen at random."

The U-Haul lot that sits at 650 North Ronald Reagan, in Longwood, is just one of many lots that have been targeted in a recent spree of burglaries.

"This appears to be a growing trend," Tuck confirmed. Earlier in April, a different lot was hit in Altimonte Springs as well.  Tuck confirmed that surveillance cameras were rolling at the time, but would not confirm police had seen the tape yet.

Longwood police are asking anyone with any information to reach out to them.