Sharks that survived semitruck crash now at SeaWorld

1 shark killed in I-95 crash

ORLANDO, Fla. – Three sharks that survived a highway crash Wednesday afternoon are being treated at SeaWorld. Local 6 News was given an up close look at the three sandbar sharks that were pulled from an 18-wheeler that crashed on Interstate 95 North near mile marker 238 in Volusia County.

[AUDIO: 911 call | VIDEO: Local 6 on scene]

SeaWorld rescuers said the sharks are doing well.

"As far as behavior goes, from what we've seen so far, you would never guess that they were in an accident," said Jim Kinsler, the aquarium assistant curator for SeaWorld.

The 5-foot sharks were being transported from Marathon, Florida, to an aquarium in New York. Around 2:30 p.m., a tire blew out on the semitruck causing the driver to lose control and crash into a tree.

The accident killed one shark. Officials with Dynasty Marine said Thursday that one of the tanks ruptured, and at least one shark was ejected.

"It's a very rare situation in my time as a professional. Nothing like this has happened that we have been associated with," said Kinsler.

However, shark transports are not rare.

SeaWorld said the sharks are behaving normally and are eating, which is a key sign of recovery. They were not injured but are being housed in a rehab pool until arrangements can be made with Dynasty Marine.

The transport company said they will return the sharks to Marathon for one-month conditioning before trying again for New York.

Dynasty Marine told Local 6 they wanted to recognize and thank SeaWorld for the amazing job and their assistance. They also wanted to thank the state permitting agency that worked after-hours to help make sure permitting rights were squared away during the transfer.?