Woman set apartment on fire with man inside, Kissimmee police say

Cops: Woman arrested after being found naked outside home

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – A Kissimmee woman was arrested on attempted murder and arson charges after she set an apartment on fire with a man inside, police said.


Police said they were called to a home on San Vittorino Circle and extinguished a fire in the kitchen area.

Crime scene tape, charred furniture and melted blinds are what's left of the fire that broke out around 2:30 a.m. Police said a man jumped out of the second-floor window to escape the flames.

"There was a distinct smell of gasoline, there was a lot of other property that was there," said Capt. John Lewis.

But police said they didn't connect the dots until 14 hours later when investigators got calls about Giodenny Castillo-Ricardo, 32, who was found laying naked on the ground at the nearby Polo South Apartments. Detectives said Castillo-Ricardo suffered serious burns.

A man at the complex said Castillo-Ricardo looked confused and dehydrated.

Investigators later called the fire arson and said they linked it to Castillo-Ricardo. Investigators are now piecing together the motive.

They said Castillo-Ricardo was in a dispute with a woman who lives at the apartment and was angry about a case involving sexual battery of a child.

"It does appear that part of this was involved with a disagreement over another case that she is a suspect in as well," Lewis said.

Castillo-Ricardo is facing attempted murder and arson charges. Police said they're glad she's no longer a threat to the community.

"I'd be worried about anybody that's going to go ahead and pour gas on something that's going to start a fire. She's not a threat anymore, because she's in custody," said Lewis.

Castillo-Ricardo was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where she will stay for at least another night. She is under arrest under no bond at the hospital.

Local 6 is told only the man was at the apartment when it caught fire. No one else was hurt.

Police said a house caught fire in May and Castillo-Ricardo was a suspect in that case, but never charged. Local 6 is told the house belonged to a former co-worker of Castillo-Ricardo's, who possibly had a hand in getting her fired.

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