Apopka teen paralyzed from rare condition fighting back

People gather at Cranes Roose Park to help on her road to recovery


ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – An Apopka teen paralyzed from a rare condition is fighting back.

Over 100 people gathered at Cranes Roost Park to help McKennzie Tucker, 13, on her road to recovery.

"I never knew I was so strong emotionally," said Tucker, who has been in physical therapy six days a week since being diagnosed with transverse myelitis.

The rare condition suddenly left her paralyzed in November.

"They've had me in a harness on a treadmill and I've been able to like move my left leg to be able to walk a little bit," she said.

The 5K walk in McKennzie's honor drew over 100 supporters, and is one of several fundraising events organized by a close neighbor and friend, Denise Mencis.

"She's always been a joyful spirit- even going through all these challenges, she still remains positive," said Mencis.

Yvrose Archer was diagnosed with the same rare condition in 2009, and hopes McKennzie keeps her fighting spirit.

"It takes time and you know, prayers," she said.

Check McKennzie's GoFundMe page for updates on the next fundraiser.

[LINK: Go Fund McKennzie]