2nd possible victim revealed in Hagerty High School teacher sex case

Social studies teacher arrested by FBI on sex charges

OVIEDO, Fla. – Officials said in court on Tuesday that a search warrant found child pornography and another possible victim of the Hagerty High School teacher who was arrested by the FBI.


Greg Vaughn, a social studies teacher, was taken to the Seminole County jail after being arrested on Friday at his Oviedo home on allegations of enticing a teen to engage in sexual conduct and production of child pornography.

Officials said that explicit photos were found of someone under 16 years old on Vaughn's deleted cache, along with child porn of victims ages 13 to 16 years old.

A search warrant also found inappropriate, compromising pictures of people on beaches and baseball games, unbeknown to the people.

The FBI said a woman in Colorado discovered that her 16-year-old daughter was having sexual conversations with Vaughn on a website called Deviantart. The mother also found emails containing nude photos of her daughter and Vaughn, the FBI said.

According to the FBI, Vaughn established a "pay chart" in which the teen would be paid for certain types of photos. The payments included money, books, candy, clothing, panties and makeup, the FBI said.

Authorities said Vaughn, who's divorced and has two daughters, and the teen also engaged in sexual activity while Skyping each other.

When questioned by the FBI, Vaughn said he was trying to help the teen and that the sexual nature of role-playing was part of a therapy to make her feel better.

According to Seminole County Public Schools, Vaughn is not teaching summer school but was scheduled to return to campus in August. School officials said it is awaiting the judicial process, but Vaughn is not welcome on school property.

Vaughn was hired in 2005 and had no prior disciplinary issues, school officials said.