NAACP discusses police violence with Orlando Police Department

Groups address community reaction over Noel Carter incident

ORLANDO, Fla. – A coalition of black Orlando community leaders held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to address community concerns over the Orlando Police Department.

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Members of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the African American Council of Christian Clergy and the National Black Women's Caucus addressed community reaction over an incident involving Noel Carter.

Carter, 30, can be seen on cellphone video being repeatedly kicked, hit with batons and pepper-sprayed by two Orlando police officers on June 4.

Officers say Carter refused to listen to their commands.

Carter and witnesses say police used excessive force.

"There is a problem. And it's a problem with policing -- period," said Beverly Neal, first vice president of the Orange County Chapter of the NAACP. "When they're wrong the wrong. We have to act as parents. When our children are wrong, we chastise them, and we tell them they're wrong. "

On Monday, the National Action Network called on Orlando Police Chief John Mina to resign over what they called repeated allegations of excessive force by his officers.

The group cited 12 examples over the last two years they claim show "extreme behavior" by Orlando police officers.

Mina told Local 6 he didn't plan on resigning.

The NAACP and AACCC said they're not asking for any jobs, yet.

"We're not calling for any resignations," said Larry Mills, president of the AACCC. "We're not saying we are totally supportive either. We're supportive of the process."

He's referring to the investigation currently underway into whether the two officers seen in the Noel Carter video used excessive force.

The groups and members of the Orlando City Council are urging everyone wait until the investigation is complete before making any judgement.

"We are pretty tough at policing ourselves," Orlando City Commissioner Tony Ortiz told Local 6 on Wednesday. "If there was wrongdoing, we're going to clarify and we're going to take the proper measures."

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