Why are gas prices on the rise?

Florida still below national average

ORLANDO, Fla. – Everyone expected gas prices to drop, so why are gas prices on the rise in Central Florida?

The price of gas in Central Florida is averaging $2.63 a gallon vs. the national average price of $2.80, but that is still up from last week.

The increase is due to some refinery issues in California and the Midwest, and because some gasoline supplies started to become limited in those areas.

The increase has had an impact on auto sales. "It tends to slow things down and people tend to buy vehicles that they're not necessarily wanting for fuel mileage," local truck salesman Chris Hill said. "It's simple: When gas prices go up, business goes down."

"All signs point to the fact that gasoline should be on the decline," AAA spokesperson Josh Carrasco said.

Officials saidt they expect prices to fluctuate over the next few days, but they are still predicting a drop in price.