Neighbors concerned after fire leaves 2 children injured

2 children in house fire treated for smoke inhalation

Local 6 News at 7:00p
Local 6 News at 7:00p

OAKLAND, Fla. – The conditions of the two Oakland kids hospitalized after inhaling smoke from a mobile home fire Tuesday afternoon are improving, according to the mother of the boy who helped save the kids.

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Residents told Local 6 News the fire appeared to start in the kitchen, but fire officials have yet to confirm the cause and are investigating.

The mother of the boy who helped save the kids from the home tells Local 6 she received a message on Thursday from the mother of the victims, saying their condition is improving.

Neighbors say they know things could have been a lot worse if not for two unlikely heroes.

"Two boys came walking out of the flames holding two babies," said one neighbor. "Those two boys are heroes."

The two boys are 10-year-old Isiah Francis and 11-year-old Jeremiah Grimes.

"I saw the smoke coming out of the back, and I knew I had to go in," Isiah said.

Isiah said the father, who lived at the home, was outside frantically running back and forth trying to put out the flames.

"He was looking for a hose," a neighbor said. "He left his children inside, though. That's the first thing I would have gotten out."

Isiah and Jeremiah emerged from the flames holding two babies. Jeremiah walked up to the father in the front lawn and asked if there were more kids inside.

"I asked the dad if there were more inside and he said no," Jeremiah said. "So I picked up the phone and called 911."

However, firefighters said they found two more children inside the home. The two kids inhaled smoke and needed to be transported to hospitals for treatment. Neighbors said the two children are 3 and 5.

Now residents in the Lake John Motel neighborhood are confused and frustrated why the dad didn't do more to help.

"He was just standing there," Isiah said.

A GoFundMe page was set up by Jeremiah to help the family of the two victims, but City officials said they've received feedback nationwide of people wanting to help Jeremiah and Isiah, too.

"It feels amazing, it's really uplifting to see people get together and help each other. It feels good," said Miguel Laboy, Jeremiah's father.