Property appraiser to SeaWorld: Pay up


Orange County's Property Appraiser, Rick Singh, is taking SeaWorld to court over the County tax assessment issued for tax year 2014.

In a statement issued Thursday, Singh's office confirms the 2014 tax assessment for SeaWorld is $192,560,841.

SeaWorld petitioned the property appraiser's assessment to the Value Adjustment Board.

This past February Singh's Office and SeaWorld attended a hearing before the Value Adjustment Board. A special magistrate issued a recommendation to the VAB that the property appraiser's assessment be reduced to $182,477,297.

The property appraiser's office maintains that figure is below "just value" and in violation of Florida Statute 193.011.

According to Office Representative Kathy Marsh," Whenever the VAB overrides the property appraiser's assessment regarding property valued at more than $1 million dollars in the state of Florida, and the decision affects the value by five percent, the property appraiser is authorized to appeal the VAB's decision in circuit court.

That is the case here involving the Property Appraiser of Orange County and SeaWorld for the 2014 tax year.

Singh says the legal move is part of the job. "If I did not take action and defend our value on behalf of the taxpayers, it would be an abdication of my solemn duty as the peoples' property appraiser."