Family honoring girl finishes 4K-mile journey to Disney World

Family walked from Disneyland to Disney World to raise awareness for childhood cancer


ORLANDO, Fla. – A family took their final steps Saturday after their 4,000-mile journey to honor Julia Cobb and to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

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"We can't choose what happened to Julia, but we can choose the steps we take next," said Julia's father, Jonathan Cobb.

It's been about a year-long journey for the Cobb family, traveling through 14 states from Disney Land to Disney World -- Julia's favorite place to visit.

"It's always been an icon for our family of happiness," Jonathan Cobb said.

The family's mission is helping families through their foundation called JuCan, named after 8-year-old Julia, who lost her battle with cancer two years ago.

"We decided to locate as many families as we could along the way, raise pediatric awareness and try to meet those families that are suffering right now with a child that's battling cancer," said Julia's mother, Jennifer Cobb.

The Cobbs finished their journey with friends and family in tow showing signs of support Saturday morning. Jonathan Cobb clutched to the last Father's Day card Julia made with a Walt Disney quote that's been inspiring the family ever since.

"'If you can dream it, you can do it,'" Jonathan Cobb said. "Julia was always focused on what she could do. That's why we called her JuCan. She was focused on the 'can' part of cancer."

The Cobbs said their foundation will also ultimately help build a JuCan Castle in Houston, where parents can stay while their children are getting treated.

Help support the JuCan Foundation.

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