Severe weather leaves mark on Casselberry

5 houses could be seen with roof damage in neighborhood

CASSELBERRY, Fla. – The severe weather left a mark on Casselberry Friday night with the brunt of it along Lake Kathryn Circle, just east of 17-92.

In the neighborhood alone, five houses could be seen with roof damage. One after another, hunks of metal and roofs were ripped off their seams.

Betty Rendon came home to a missing roof and water damage.

"I would say the entire top roof was ripped off," Rendon said. "What am I going to do next?"

While Rendon is not sure if her house is livable, a family rushed to put up tarp to beat the next round of rain.

Neighbors said they saw one roof flying over homes, and that debris sheered branches off of a tree.

"All of a sudden, everything started flying down this way up high, and it was sort of swirling," said Barbara Myhre.

The storm tossed a mix of almost everything into the air, including huge trees. One tree landed on a car, and another tree uprooted onto a house.

"I thought it was going to go up in the air the way the tree went around, the top of it," Junior Ashburn said. "The wind caught it and swirled it around, and it took it right out of the ground."

Local 6 asked firefighters, and it does not appear there were any major injuries.