Brevard man charged with impersonating police officer

Thristhian Emmanuel Brumby arrested in West Melbourne

WEST MELBOURNE, Fla. –  An 18-year-old Orlando man carrying a badge and fake guns was arrested Tuesday on charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer in Brevard County, police said.

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Police said they found Thristian Brumby's car, a Chevrolet Impala, parked at Max K. Rodes Park in West Melbourne around 1 a.m. Tuesday. 

Inside the car, police say they spotted a shirt with an Orlando Police Department insignia on the front of it, and it was then when officers started asking questions.

"He said he was in fact hired by the Orlando Police Department and he was currently in the police academy at Valencia Community College," said Cpt. Richard Cordeau with West Melbourne police.

After a thorough search inside the 18-year-old's Impala, officers found a badge, handcuffs, police radios, even fake guns, as well as numerous other items that real cops use.

"When you have somebody like this who's out there presenting themselves as something they're not, especially in the position of trust as a police officer, it has the potential to put people's lives in danger," said Capt. Cordeau.

Police say Brumby's story sounded legit. He apparently knew the lingo and sounded like a seasoned officer.

"The terminology that he used and the information that he relayed to us had us believing at one point that he may be a law enforcement officer," said Cordeau.

However, police say the Orlando man is a clerk at Walmart.

Officer call the arrest disturbing and still aren't sure what Brumby's motive was to have all of the police equipment.

"And sometimes that can be more concerning," said Cordeau. "When you don't know somebody's motive and they have these items you never know exactly what they may do."

Brumby faced a judge Tuesday afternoon and is expected to be released from jail Tuesday night on community supervision.

Police aren't sure if he made any fake stops while he was impersonating law enforcement. If you recognize him or may have come across him you're asked to call the West Melbourne Police Department

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