Say hello to Brevard Zoo's baby otters

Voters picked names in online poll


MELBOURNE, Fla. – Now we know what to call the orphaned baby otters at Brevard Zoo. Say hello to Gladys and John!

Local 6 news partners FLORIDA TODAY received almost 1,600 votes in our online voting contest, which was hosted by the zoo and FLORIDA TODAY. The pair of orphaned baby otters, a 4-month-old female and 5-month-old male, will be unveiled at a new exhibit on Friday.

The zoo chose five potential names for each otter pup. The suggested monikers were tied to bodies of water since otters adapt and can live in many types of water, marketing director Andrea Hill said.

"Of course, identifying bodies of water that can be girl or boy names also was a factor," Hill told FLORIDA TODAY. "Hence, Lake Okeechobee wasn't a winner!"

Gladys represents the Florida Everglades, and John is for the St. John's River, Florida's longest river.

The floridatoday.com contest started Monday and ended at 6 p.m. Thursday.

It was a close race for the names. Here are the runners-up for the girl otter: Kenzie (Mackenzie River in Canada); Winnie (Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada); Sheyenne (the major tributaries of the Red River of the North); and Missy (Mississippi River). For the boy, these didn't make the cut: Walden (Walden Pond in Concord, Mass.); Hudson (Hudson River in New York); Lawrence (St. Lawrence River, which connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean); and Nelson (Nelson River in Manitoba, Canada).

Last month, the zoo and FLORIDA TODAY teamed up for a naming contest for the zoo's metal dragon. Voters chose Thrakos, which is Greek for dragon. Thrakos is on display through Aug. 2 for the zoo's Butterfly Kingdom exhibit.

Suggested names

Here are some of the names readers suggested for the baby otters via our FLORIDA TODAY Facebook page.

Ollie and Mollie

Olivia and Oscar

Tater T'otter and Polka D'otter

Buford and Leroy

Venus and Apollo

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Ariel and Sebastian

Moonlight and Whiskers

Otto and Octavia