Father arrested after twin boys both suffer broken legs, Osceola cops say

Man charged with child neglect


An Osceola County man was arrested on child neglect charges after deputies say his twin boys suffered broken legs.

Daniel Tobar has been charged with child neglect on Wednesday after an investigation began Monday.

Deputies said they were called to Nemours Children's Hospital after a mother reported she originally thought her 2-month-old son's leg was swollen was from a food allergy, but then found out from doctors he had a broken leg.

According to the report, the mother asked the child's father, who had been caring for the boy, about the fractures and he told her he had fallen asleep on the child and didn't realize the injury was severe. 

When Tobar learned of the injury he brought the boy's twin brother to the hospital because of similar swelling on the boy's leg, deputies said. According to deputies, the boy also had a broken leg.

Tobar told deputies on Tuesday that he fell asleep on the infants, but awoke when one started crying. He went to put both infants in their cribs, but tripped and fell on top of them. According to the report, Tobar said he was afraid to tell his wife what had happened.

Tobar was booked into Osceola County Jail and the investigation is ongoing.