Clerk of the Court impostor: You have been warned

Conmen spoof county number in elaborate 'payday loan' scam

11pm Debt Scam Alert
11pm Debt Scam Alert

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – The caller has the last four digits of your Social Security number, knows your former place of employment and says you are past due on a $1,500 payday loan you just can't remember.

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That is the profile of the latest telephone con game making its way across central Florida with the first reported stop in Volusia County.

Kristen Sims, a single mother close to finishing her long journey to a master's, says in her case it started with a series of calls from people claiming to be from a collection agency.

"He knew my name, the last four digits of my Social Security number, a previous bank that I had banked at and also previous employment," she said.

Sims said she never took out a payday loan but the personal information caught her off guard.

"He was really convincing," Sims said. "He said I made four payments and then I closed my account, so I owed the remainder of the money for this loan."

Then, the final twist, a voice message from a man claiming to be with the local clerk of the court, in this case, Volusia County.

"This is Mr. Johnson, county courts, I do have a warrant application pending against the social..."

He then proceeded to read off the last four digits in Sims' social security number and closed by saying: "you have been warned."

Sims' caller ID did show a number for the Volusia County Clerk of the Court's Daytona Beach Office but it was a fax number not a direct line.

Diane Matousek, the current Volusia County Clerk of the Court, calls it a "slick scam."

"There are no employees in our office that would ever call about a warrant, there is no such thing," Matousek said.

Matousek said she will post a consumer alert on the county website and ask Volusia County Sheriffs to investigate.

Sims said the scam is very convincing right down to the letter sent via email from what appears to be Nova Core Investments.

The letter reads in part, "Unless we receive payment by June 18, 2015, our office will assume that you do not want to satisfy your outstanding balance. Our effort to recoup this outstanding balance will continue according to the laws governed by your state."

Nova Core is an investment company -- not a collection agency. The email actually originated from rrsoultions.net, a company that has been investigated for alleged collections violations.

If you receive a similar call you are asked to call the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

For more information, go to the Volusia County Clerk of the Court website.