16-year-old gets Presidential Volunteer Service Awards

Award also came with letter from President Obama

GLENN COUNTY, Ga. – A 16-year-old boy was recognized by President Barack Obama after he donated dozens of alarms and K-9 first-aid kits to law enforcement agencies across the county.

[LINK: Help Chris - 1 Boy 4 Change]

Chris Carswell, 16, had a stroke and went into a series of seizures, respiratory and cardiac arrest and died in the middle of lunch in front of his class. He was in third grade at the time. In January, Chris had multiple brain surgeries to get rid of his seizures.

With all that he was going through, Chris found time to help officers across the county with K-9 partners with a problem that has plagued numerous agencies, overheating.

Leaving a K-9 in the car during summer can get too hot and death can quickly followed if the dog remains in the hot car too long.

Carswell wanted to help change that, so he started sending out a new pager that can alert the officer that the car his partner is in, was overheating.

A police officer that received one of these pagers said, "With dogs dying across the county, police dogs, this will contact me and let me know the car's overheated."

Since Carswell had donated dozens of these alarms across the country, on Thursday morning, the Glynn and Camden County Sheriff's Departments surprised Carswell, with two President's Volunteer Service awards including a letter from President Obama.

When a surprised Carswell was asked how he remains focused on his service, through everything he's been through, he replies "Well, when I died, I met God and saw heaven and everything. And so when I came back I already knew what to do."