Residents accuse sex offender of living in wrong neighborhood

Jason Minton cannot live in DeBary home, deputies say

11pm minton bond
11pm minton bond

DeBARY, Fla. – Neighbors are on alert after they say a registered sex offender is living in the wrong neighborhood.

Jason Minton is fresh out of jail on bond after he was arrested and charged with drugging and raping a woman in Volusia County.

Since his release, neighbors said they have seen more of him than they would like.

"I saw his truck out (in) front of the house yesterday," said a woman who asked to remain anonymous.

The problem?

Minton is a convicted sex offender, and due to local ordinances, he cannot live in the DeBary home, said a Volusia County Sheriff's Office representative. Deputies said they are aware that Minton has been seen at a home off Pleasant Hill Drive in DeBary, instead of the home off West Minnesota Avenue in Orange City where he is registered with the state's Sex Offender Registry.

However, there's not much deputies can do unless they catch Minton living where he's not allowed.

"He is living there, without a doubt. I see him come and go every day," said another woman. "He's a registered sex offender who isn't giving his correct address and he's getting away with it."

According to the Sex Offender Database, in 2006 Minton was convicted of raping a child and for failing to properly register as a sex offender.

Just days after being released on his most recent arrest, neighbors said he's living with his girlfriend and children in the DeBary home.

Deputies said legally he can visit his girlfriend's home but cannot stay longer than five days a year. That's why neighbors are watching the house in DeBary 24 hours a day.

"The whole neighborhood is not feeling safe, not just for the children's sake but for women as well," said a neighbor. "We're going to get him out of this neighborhood one way or another."

Neighbors have banded together and said they are installing cameras soon to watch his every move