Lightning strike victim released from hospital, recalls experience

Woman's 8-year-old daughter was by her, saw impact

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando woman struck by lightning is out of the hospital and reliving the life-changing moment.

The lightning strike happened in the 4600 block of Martinez Drive just before 5 p.m. Wednesday.

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Yashira Hidalgo's 8-year-old daughter was by her and saw the impact. The impact even damaged her car, she said. A friend was also hit by what they believe were sparks coming from Hidalgo, but she was OK.

Hidalgo spoke to Local 6 from her home. Looking at her, it's not apparent she was just struck the day before, but she said she gets occasional migraines.

"Christ, Christ saved me," she told Local 6, speaking Spanish.

She credits God for her recovery. Hidalgo was standing outside her friend's home, talking when she reached in her back pocket to get her ringing phone.

"You go to get your cellphone, and that is when, you don't remember anything after that?" asked Local 6's Sheli Muniz.

"No, all I remember was hearing a loud scream and a light," she said.

Hidalgo told Local 6 she dropped to the ground as her daughter witnessed it all.

"I was like, why is my mom on the floor? I was like, oh, Lord, this is bad. This is really bad," said her daughter, Pamela.

They recalled seeing a bright white light and losing their hearing for a moment.

"In that moment, did you know you were struck by lightning?" Muniz asked.

"No, because it wasn't cloudy," Hidalgo said.

She said she started to feel a sharp burning pain in her head, her sight went blurry, and her heart began to race with tingling throughout her body.

She said her doctors said, "Wow, she's alive."

"It was so terrifying, and I couldn't believe that this happened," Pamela said.

Hidalgo said doctors believe she got a direct hit to her head. They administered several tests, monitored her heart and organs and released her Thursday evening. Doctors suggested she see a neurologist and a psychologist for any trauma.