Man arrested for stalking ex-wife, Seminole deputies say

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – A 25-year-old Seminole County man was arrested Wednesday after deputies say he intentionally cut off his GPS monitoring device.

Christopher Grillos is facing charges related to threatening to kill his estranged wife, stalking her, and attempting to interfere in another court case again him for domestic violence.

Grillos said in court Thursday at the Seminole County jail that his estranged wife has ruined his life, but according to arrest records, he was the one who ruined hers.

The Seminole County man has had a history of domestic violence with the same victim. In fact, records show she has several restraining orders and injunctions against him.

When deputies say Grillos began texting her harassing and threatening messages last week, she felt like her life was in serious danger.

According to records, he said if she didn't drop his pending felony stalking charges, "she would pay and he would ruin her life."

But it's when he told her he cut off his GPS monitor, a monitor he has on him to protect her, when she felt like she needed to act.

"If you wear a GPS, tampering with it is what someone will do if they really want to go after their victim," said Carol Wick, CEO of Harbor House of Central Florida.

Wick says domestic violence perpetrators cut off their GPS monitors more often than folks think, which is why she says her company is taking action.

"That's why we are proposing legislature for the second year in a row to make it a felony to tamper or cut off your GPS, especially in domestic violence cases," said Wick.

In Grillos' case, deputies were able to find and arrest him before he was able to harm his estranged wife, but Wick says some people aren't as lucky. That's why she says all victims of domestic violence need to have contingency plans.

"You can't rely on a GPS or any kind of monitoring device to keep you alive," said Wick. "You have to make sure you're relying on your own plan and that's why advocates are so important."

Grillos is being held at the Seminole County jail on no bond until his next court date, which is later this month.

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