Man found shot to death in driveway of Longwood home

Police launch investigation into homicide

A man is found shot to death in Longwood.
A man is found shot to death in Longwood.

LONGWOOD, Fla. – A man was found shot to death late Wednesday in the driveway of his Longwood home, according to police.

Longwood police said Shahidul Miah, 56, was found shot around 11:30 p.m. at 767 East Warren Ave.

"It's a lot to take in at one time," said Trina Miah, the daughter of the victim.

She says her father, who moved to Longwood from Bangladesh, was a simple man, whose main goal in life was to provide for his family.

"He came to this country 10 years ago," said Trina Miah. "He just worked hard and supports his family. I have a half-brother who is one and half years old. He has had no enemies. He was just a good person."

She said her father was just getting home from work when he was shot. Shahidul Miah was owner and operator of Kwik Mart in Apopka on Bear Lake Road. Family members think someone may have followed him from the store to his home, which is about 7 miles away, and tried to rob him.

According to police, Shahidul Miah was shot once in the upper torso and emergency crews could not revive him.

No other details have been released, but police termed Shahidul Miah's death as a homicide.

"Nobody should carry a gun and kill someone like that," said Miah.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call Longwood police.

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