Volusia beaches prepare for big holiday weekend

News 6 at 5:00p
News 6 at 5:00p

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – It's the end of summer and Volusia County Beach Safety & Ocean Rescue said it'll be going out with a bang-- all hands on deck as they expect serious crowds this Labor Day weekend.

"We have everything in place for this weekend. Of course it's a holiday weekend so we expect busy crowds," said Capt. Tammy Marris.

Marris said beachgoers will see lifeguards manning 60 towers along the strand, carefully watching swimmers in the ocean.

" We do have very moderate rip current conditions out there right now. It could change to hazardous but we're looking to fly the yellow flag throughout the weekend," said Marris.

Beach Safety also said there might be some high tide issues in the afternoons but it'll be the traffic that could force the beach to close for a bit.

"We will probably be at capacity in some core areas at the beach. When we are at capacity, we do close usually about 15-20 minutes until we get more parking in those areas," she said.

While the crowds won't be coming into town until later, some tourists and locals started their holiday weekend early.

"The kids just started school a couple of weeks ago but they have Monday off so we thought we'd bring them down and get a little beach time in and maybe do some Disney," said Charlie Absher of Virgina.

"We're retired now and we put our labor in over the years, so we're just enjoying our later years on the beach," said Gary Stamper of Ormond Beach.

Beach Safety said it mostly had a calm summer and hope it ends the same way.

"We've had a very calm 4th of July with no incidents so we're hoping to get through this last holiday weekend like that," said Marris.

Beach Safety & Ocean Rescue said it had a pretty average year with five drownings and five shark attacks.

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